Fueled Creative sit down with Dlist magazine.

Bret Nielsen with Seattle business partner Stefan Scherperel representing fueled creative - Seattle based video production company.

Bret Nielsen with Seattle business partner Stefan Scherperel representing fueled creative - Seattle based video production company.

He is the navigator and motivation behind Fueled Creative, a long-standing Washington production company, with a client list and work portfolio to match any A list local production house. He is Fueled Creative’s producer Bret Nielsen and he can sell ketchup Popsicles on a hot day to a family wearing Sunday whites.

I have met him briefly once before and I like him. Forget he used to race crotch rockets, worked as a chef, and plays his Korean adoptee card to silly extent. What you see, hear, and ask for is what you get. He meets requests that run the gammon and definitely -absolutely makes things happen.

Fueled’s exceptional corporate works and honed music videos continue to keep his team in deserved praise. “No one listens to a boring storyteller, people can’t stand to hear a monotone pitch, and no one feels good about spending dollars on some tricky sales guy, says Nielsen, there are too many people who’ve heard it too many times”.

“To do this professionally and to have Fueled Creative going strong since 2000 takes exceptional care seven days a week and lost of great stories”

On my meet up with Bret and Fueled crew on set; it’s apparent they operate like a brotherhood. There's lots of history and yes, many stories. He is casual in disposition and has what I notice; an old fashioned manner I find adorable. He’s a PK; I didn’t know what the acronym meant at first, he’s a for real Preacher’s Kid and it actually explains a lot. He is quick to offer the highest compliments to his business partner Stefan of ten years; it doesn’t take a genius to see how 10 years of combined vision, almost manic energy, and inherent loyalty got this team everywhere.

“I get to work with brilliant Fueled Creative artists daily and I was best man in one of their weddings, enough said right?” says Bret. “I feel honored and it’s these relationships that compel me to dig deep and push forward. Like I always say, No producer is worth a damn if they aren’t trusted by their inner circle.”

I can tell immediately how passionate he is about his stance on Fueled’s well being and business at hand. As we finish of coffee on the beach, I have laughed so hard I brought attention to our conversation. I have stayed an hour longer than I intended. I think I have told him too much about my personal life and my nights’ prior argument with my boyfriend. I get why good businesses choose him to assist their strategy and easily see why his production crew shoulders next to him. I see why a producer these days needs to be much more than what people think they know. He is good and I feel pretty cool to meet another person who loves what they do, a person who tirelessly talks up his people, and a producer that makes me search for an updated definition.

Check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FueledCreative and www.fueledcreative.com

By Nancy Franner, Kirkland WA. - dlist magazine