Fueled Creative Founders Bret Nielsen and Stefan Scherperel

When it comes to propelling your next project forward, Fueled Creative is your high octane formula for success. Specializing in corporate cool, high impact music videos, and inspiring independent shorts, Fueled Creative has been blazing Northwest production since 2000. Armed with the latest in digital technology, client credibility, and process know-how, we enable you to initiate and capture your vision.

What does Fueled Creative do?

Fueled Creative offers savvy development, creative direction, high-caliber cinematography, and cutting edge post solutions. Our production packages are individualistic and deliver unparalleled results.

 On set and behind the scenes


Seattle-based film production company, Fueled Creative has been producing engaging content for over seventeen years. Fueled Creative puts concept and seasoned process together with effective know-how, to tell your story in a visually stunning way. Our methods are proven and our work speaks for itself. However, if that is not enough, we can back it up with nearly two decades of experience, award winning content, and an impressive client history that includes a Super Bowl commercial,  internationally successful extreme sports videos, impactful music videos, and several independent films that have swept awards at the festivals.


Fueled Creative is your one stop, full-service, production team, that specializes in brand development, broadcast commercial production, social media strategy, web design/development, 3D rendering and visual effects. Fueled Creative helps you to translate and communicate your goals, engage your options, and mold your visual ideas to life. We follow a simple, yet effective process:

CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: We help translate your goals, engage your options, and mold your vision to life.

DESIGN: Our award-winning staff has access to the best tools in the trade.

PRE PRODUCTION: Our highly organized team helps structure your creative needs on time and on budget. 

POST SOLUTIONS: Our artists and editors truly love what they do, and it shows in our work.

DELIVERY: Our producers communicate realistic goals and set the standard for delivering projects on time. 

Fueled Creative understands the delicacy of professional relationships in today's world. We take pride in taking care of our clients, their big picture, and the details that make our productions an exceptional experience. Our follow through, attention to detail, and client interaction is why we continue to work with amazing companies and personalities.

You bring the spark, we add the fuel.



 Bret Nielsen - Founder and producer for Fueled Creative.


For Bret Nielsen, executive producer and owner of Fueled Creative, all he needed was a spark—to defy the odds, grow, succeed, and in turn, give back.

Fifteen years ago, Nielsen was used to being in the forefront as he raced motorcycles semi-professionally. At the precipice of making a name for himself, he suffered an injury that took a toll on his racing career. But, he took with him a knack for persuasion and an infalliable drive. With an unapologetic ambition, he was able to convince a production company to take a risk on him to participate in the creation of an independent movie about the Northwest bike scene.

 DList magazine interview.


He is the navigator and motivation behind Fueled Creative, a long standing Washington production company, with a client list and work portfolio to match any "A list" local production house. He is Fueled Creative's producer, and Bret Nielsen can sell ketchup popsicles on a hot day to a family wearing Sunday whites.