A conversation between old friends

Fueled Creative team taking a moment for a group shot.

Fueled Creative team taking a moment for a group shot.

You can say that I’ve been friends with Bret Nielsen for more than a few years. As kids we were inseparable. We were both really into BMX Freestyle and used to ride in competitions all over the west coast. We had several great summers traveling around riding those bikes, however, after high school we went off to college and the distance grew. we eventually lost contact - and life moved on.

Flash forward ten years ago… I was leaving a client’s office down on Alki beach in Seattle WA. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was taking my time walking back to my car. I was enjoying the beach because I didn’t notice him till I almost knocked him over.

David: “BRET!”

Bret: “DAVID!”

David: Wow, How long has it been?

We Immediately recognized each other and sat down on the steps overlooking the Puget Sound for long over due catch up.  He eventually told me that he was a movie producer for his own company based in Seattle WA.,  FUELED CREATIVE!.  I insisted he tell me the story behind that -

So this is that story.

David: SO, that is a long way from our BMX days...You are now an executive producer and owner of Fueled Creative? Tell me about that.

Bret: After high school I bought a motorcycle to get to work. I took to riding the motorcycle like we used to ride the BMX bikes in the day. In fact, It got to the point where I was racing them semi-professionally.

David: Wow - That’s awesome. did you go pro?

Bret: Well, that was the intention, what a dream right? However, right at the point where I was about to make a name for myself, I suffered an injury that took a toll on my racing career. I had to move away from racing but I loved it so much.

David: That had to be devastating, what did you do?

Bret: I made a lot of connections as a racer. One of my connections had just started a production company.  I managed to convince them to take a chance with me on creating an independent movie about the Northwest bike scene. Through the process, I discovered a love and understanding of the behind-the-scenes production work involved. I quit my job as a seasonal racer/bike salesman, and decided this is what I wanted to do. I worked my way up through the ranks and by 2000 I saw an opportunity to start my own company in Seattle WA, and I called it Fueled Creative

David: You’ve really come a long ways man. So business is good?

Bret: Yeah! We’ve really done well for ourselves. The business has thrived, earning Fueled Creative a reputation for excellence, professionalism, and innovation. We actually were the only company in the Northwest to do a super bowl commercial.  I’ve been really blessed, but, you know what we are really excited about right now is our new project getting a lot of attention we are calling it “The LEAD”.  The Lead was an idea born from our experiences working with new directors, great people, and wonderful organizations. It is an idea that is being re-defined every week, but that’s what I love about what’s happening.

David: ...ok,ok...but what is it.

Bret: ok, yeah...I’m sorry, I get really excited about this stuff - so, Essentially the lead makes you the star. Whatever your dream, we can make it happen. Movies, Music videos, Marketing Shorts, you name it.  See, we have an amazing group of seasoned industry professionals that have worked together on so many projects that they almost move in synchronicity.  Most productions have a revolving cast of characters and many of those people are meeting each other for first time… There is a learning curve to understanding how the process works while the crew and cast get underway.  

What makes the Lead possible is that our crew is like a family and we have so many years of working together across numerous sets, that we are comfortable with a variety of production styles. The crew has already been established!  we’re already on the same page from the very beginning of our clients’ “journey.”

David:  I mean, how does a great production team turn into “the lead?”

Bret:  My favorite way to explain the lead at its basic level is to show people YouTube videos centered around familiar subjects like cars for example, a music videos, or even athletics.

It becomes really obvious when you see a low resolution unplanned video clip, compared to a staged set up shoot where the people involved followed a plan, and then watching the difference of engagement when there is an actual planned production and real industry trade craft.

David: Wait - You mean like the Red-Bull films and such?

Bret: Absolutely - But not just extreme sports.  Literally anything - We did a video for one guy that wanted to show his family how well he was doing in the states. One video was made for a young girl that was being bullied at school. She got to be the star and it turned her life around.  We’ve even done athlete recruiting videos

David: Wow, Seriously?

Bret: Yeah - That’s a great story...but - It’s everything and anything. Really the only limitation is your imagination.  Take those kids over there shooting video on their phone while they go skating down the beach

 [points to a couple of kids skating down the sidewalk]

Imagine the same video professionally staged, with an elite crew of trained professionals, and set to the lead song of your favorite album. People are moving away from Television these days and they are looking for on-demand content - This is what makes you stand out!  

David: That is great… So, what you’re saying is that anyone can be a star of their own Fueled Creative production? Because I’m not 6’2 with movie star looks, but I love fast cars, live music, and kung fu videos. Are you saying you can make it look like I’m in crouching tiger hidden dragon?  Because that would be awesome.

[both laughing..]

Bret: Well I can’t speak to your martial arts abilities but - yes, that is what I am saying

David: Or wait… you know… I could do something for my dad! he turns 75 this year… I’ve always thought about sitting down and doing a Q&A with him that I can have for my kids… Or… just to have after he is gone.

Bret: It makes a great gift - yes you can do that

David: OH! Actually, I’m about to push a new mobile app to market - we could do a commercial promoting that...

Bret: yup… we have the tools and the team..

David: What about weddings ...or college application videos...online dating. Whoa we could do an app together!

Bret: ok, ok, dude, ...you get it.

We have two decades worth of experience. We create the stage and shine the spotlight on whatever you want to lead with. We become your resume, your endeavor, your template to whatever you want to shine thru. We are a production company that showcases anything you. All you need to do is have the enthusiasm.

We make book club look cool that’s what we do.

David: Seriously dude. That’s amazing... we got to get the word out.

Fueled Creative uses the lead to help musicians, directors, class clowns, nonprofits, and car clubs get noticed. We have silenced bullies, made online dating superstars, and helped land college scholarships. We’ve been producing Leads for 18 years and we are in awe of how many people bring their own definition as they Lead us.“  

Authored by: David Wall of UrbanAnalog.com