How Fueled's "the-LEAD" helped this athlete connect!

Charon Spain

An email a week; we get a compelling email every week from someone interested in Fueled Creative’s "the Lead" program. The feedback has been great and we are excited to share another example of how the lead helped another client seize an opportunity.

We got a call from one of our State’s top tier mixed martial arts promoters. He had heard about Fueled Creative from a mutual friend, did his research and called us up.

He was interested in building a professional highlight reel for one of his fighters already hugely popular and on the cusp of stardom.

His highly anticipated main Card would feature him against a longtime rival with many value positions present.

His plan was investment thru his sponsors and an already successful event organization to help build hype and a highlight reel.

After a two weeks of pre-production, we met with Charon Spain and his coach to learn more about their immediate goals and professional needs. We were hired to help advance Charon's persona forward. 

Our people immediately went to work on securing locations, customizing a music track, and getting things set. We all just went for it pushing one another to be our best so we could create on screen magic. 

Fueled Creatives' team outlined all of the elements Charon wanted to showcase and we worked together to build a visually dynamic production around him and his team.

The hard work, the production days on, and the enjoyment we got from working with professionals made for an outstanding end product that had fight fans on their feet.

Client Testimonial

“I want to thank my coach at the time for introducing me to Producer Bret and the Fueled Creative team.  They really understood my vision and always had my best interests in mind.

I have to say this experience completely blew away my expectations. The Fueled Creative fighter highlight reel has been a staple in my rise to fame and continues to be one of the most talked about press kit tools today.

I will work with this film crew any day.

Much love Fueled Creative I am proud to be your Lead.”

Charon Spain

Professional mma fighter




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