Seattle based film production company, Fueled Creative, has been producing engaging content for over seventeen years. Fueled Creative puts concept and seasoned process together with effective know-how to tell your story in a visually stunning way. Our methods are proven and our work speaks for itself. 



Fueled Creative excels at delivering the highest standards in corporate video. We bring the sight, sound, motion and emotion, to your message and brand. We will help you translate your goals, engage your options, and mold your visual ideas to life. 

We translate your message into an engaging and discernible tool that can be aimed at a wide range of goals.  Our Seattle-based video production possibilities include: 

  • Brand & Image
  • Company Profiles
  • Product & Technology Demonstrations
  • Service Tutorials
  • Staff Trainings and Emergency/Safety
  • Video Brochures
  • Testimonials
  • Campaigns
  • Financial Results video
  • Virtual Tours and Visualization
  • Case Studies
  • Commercials and Marketing


Fueled Creative is a leading source for video production enhancement in the Pacific Northwest, using the best in software and visualization to bring both dimension and legitimacy to any project.  Go further than reality with ideas and moments that pop.

  • Physical Effects
  • Animated Tutorials
  • Process Visualization
  • Animated Logos
  • Computer Generated Imagery
  • Blue Screen/Green Screen
  • Special Effects
  • Composting

Aerial & Drone Capture

Soaring aerial and drone captures elevate our award winning cinematography to new heights, offering truly stunning and detailed RED camera visuals from above for a beautiful and dramatic frame.

Our in-house operators have the experience you need to execute the shot in a wide scope of terrains and conditions, crucial to success for all aerial projects in the rugged PNW.

  • Outdoor Festivals
  • Extreme Sports Organizations
  • Documentary and Landscape
  • Large Parcel Real Estate
  • Land Survey
  • Feature Film Scene-scape


We boast one of the most extensive music video portfolios in the entire Pacific Northwest.  We especially love our artists and their music, and deliver music video production with a successful performance record and praise from the press.


Documentary film connects the audience with captivating realities and brings understanding and perspective to the familiarity of real life, drawing viewers deeper into the screen.  

Whether documenting a company’s history, a biography, or capturing a personal lifetime milestone, we evoke all the magic and make your story hit home. On-site, at the event, or with real-story interviews, Fueled has you covered.

  • Personal Legacy Video
  • Biographies
  • Living Will Videos
  • Live Events
  • Corporate History/Overview
  • Achievements
  • Family Reunions


The type of compelling and narrative driven messages that a non-profit video production offers can be the lifeblood of an organization.  Whether you want to Inspire donors or bring a huge boost to your recruitment, nothing shows them who you are more clearly than video.

At Fueled Creative we champion stories, organizations, and individuals while shining the spotlight on our Seattle, regional, and national clients.

  • -Fundraising
  • -Thank You
  • -Call To Action
  • -Educational and Informational Videos
  • -Public Service Announcements
  • -Volunteer and Recruitment
  • -Campaign Video and Commercial


We feel so lucky to be a part of the thriving independent film community of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.  We genuinely love the opportunity to work alongside independent film-makers and help them to realize their visions both big and small.  

Check out our short film portfolio presented with definitive quality and charisma from beginning to end.